So, since moving down to the South, I had the luck to find two jobs.  Being one to want to thrive and prosper I took both jobs working with kids and was happy to have some way to pay student loans.   But one of those jobs has been slowly eating my sanity and good spirit, until friends and family had all but thought they lost me as possessed by some grumpy troll.  See, it wasn't the kids that did it to mo, although, let's face it, working with kids is never really easy, but it had to be the worst administration I had worked for, and this was suppose to be a part time job, but they were taking away my nights and whole weekends with trainings that were watered down versions of what I just spent lots of money and two years of my life getting a Masters in.   There was no reasoning with them, or any sort of appreciation set forth by the hardwork and effort put into all my extra time, and finally all the time, was taking away from doing my artwork.  I've had a painting sitting untouched for two months.  Unfinished illustrations looking for some color and love.  Besides making my puppy some fashionable items here and there, I haven't had time to Arts or Craft.  So, I quit, with the love and support of my family and friends, and my last day with be the 19th.  After Thanksgiving I'm, hoping to start have a lot more to type and show here, so bear with me.  Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!