I've been missing for a while but with good reason, I promise.  Me and the long time partner, Matthew, got engaged! Yay! Although I was pretty sure the cutie was stuck with me forever before that, it was still exciting and romantic.  We also decided to stay and live in Virginia and bought a house! So over the past months we've been moving across the city, all our belongings and making this house a home.  Of course, that meant our studio spaces were a boxed up nightmare. I'm happy to say, that nightmare is almost over and I think my studio is almost fully functional, as well as definitely being used again! (Nursery Art and some other images, coming soon!)

But of course, no life changing event series would be complete without the mother of all creation efforts,  Matt and I are expecting our first baby!  That has definitely thrown me for a loop in a lot of life efforts, and I've been dealing with all the pregnancy symptoms one might expect, but mostly that of complete and utter exhaustion.  Its really hard to put a studio together when you have no energy, and you're not suppose to lift and move heavy things.  But, we're working it out, and little one on the way will be coming into a pretty artsy, loving home.  Matilda Eloise is due around the 12th of July and is currently doing well in utero, dancing up a storm all night long and making her momma pretty wide in the belly. We're at 31 weeks now, which feels insane.  I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  I guess with all the things happening, it helps.
Besides the impending birth of our first born, Matt is also graduating with his Masters in Fine Arts in the next week, so the exciting times continue.  And he's not done folks! He plans and has already been accepted to start his Masters in Information and Sciences? (Its a technology geek, librarian thing.) But it sounds like something he'll really enjoy, so we're super excited for him!

Me? Well, if you can have a quarter life crisis, I had one, and besides starting a family, I wasn't sure what else to do with my life. I know the things I like to do, but with the job world looking so bleak and having had some rough jobs in my recent past, figuring out where to go has been a bit difficult.  Luckily, I've had the support and love of my Matt, whose been helping me, gently and with a firm kick in the butt, to get myself in gear.  So, I'm building up inventory and rubbing my hands together as I start to get myself and my work up and running and ready to be sold again.

Yes-sir-re, exciting times are ahead. And I'm sure little Matilda, in between feedings, will be a great inspiration.  So, stay tuned, share my stuff and the love, and smile. 

Love to all.
Hi Art fans!  I've started to upload images of my new work, I've been creating quilts now.  Its fun and I'm using high end fabric from my Uncle who is an upholsterer, so they are very fancy and cozy.  I'll have more details soon and images of my latest painting commissions.  Email me with any questions. :)
I will tell you, the busy world of preschool is one that leaves you longing for a nice glass of red wine and your favorite type of art. Mommy and Me Day has passed and sanity is being regained.  However, I will be very excited for summer and this spring promises lots of excitement and plans ahead!

I've been creating a lot of illustrations lately, after getting a new set of prisma markers for Christmas, (You can find these under the tab- "Illustrations".) And recently did the "Writer's Series" paintings, which was a series of famous older male writers. Inspired by the friends in my life, who, being writers themselves, like to sit and talk of these men; I said, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! And started painting the writers they love so much. The series came out lovely and is for sale as a set of five, each an 8x10 canvas, for 500 dollars.  (Look the series up under the tab "Paintings".)

Other exciting news! My little sister is tying the knot and we'll be traveling to Louisiana for a week to celebrate.  When we come back, we are moving into a new house, and this new house has a second garage that is ideal for me and my artwork.  Finally, I can branch out fully, leave projects up and running, and start doing so new stuff I haven't had the capacity to do before. A very exciting summer indeed!

We are also getting to travel to Arizona for Matthew's brother's graduation and we'll be seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Look for some inspiration from that!

As always, comments, questions, general conversation appreciated. 

So, since moving down to the South, I had the luck to find two jobs.  Being one to want to thrive and prosper I took both jobs working with kids and was happy to have some way to pay student loans.   But one of those jobs has been slowly eating my sanity and good spirit, until friends and family had all but thought they lost me as possessed by some grumpy troll.  See, it wasn't the kids that did it to mo, although, let's face it, working with kids is never really easy, but it had to be the worst administration I had worked for, and this was suppose to be a part time job, but they were taking away my nights and whole weekends with trainings that were watered down versions of what I just spent lots of money and two years of my life getting a Masters in.   There was no reasoning with them, or any sort of appreciation set forth by the hardwork and effort put into all my extra time, and finally all the time, was taking away from doing my artwork.  I've had a painting sitting untouched for two months.  Unfinished illustrations looking for some color and love.  Besides making my puppy some fashionable items here and there, I haven't had time to Arts or Craft.  So, I quit, with the love and support of my family and friends, and my last day with be the 19th.  After Thanksgiving I'm, hoping to start have a lot more to type and show here, so bear with me.  Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
 Strange to say, but I've been getting some work done, even if its the small stuff.  I must have at least five paintings going right now, and if I can focus or get the puppy to stop dropping the tennis ball repeatedly in my lap, I might get another one done.  Otherwise, enjoy what's up so far, feel free to comment or critique.  
I've just made the move down to Roanoke, VA and have been selling my work up at a small shop in New Hampshire, Veggie Art Girl Boutique (and before that, ellO Gallery) and am looking for a new venue down here.  That and new people to play with, I might miss the artsy types just a little bit. 
I'll be here. Enjoy.