I will tell you, the busy world of preschool is one that leaves you longing for a nice glass of red wine and your favorite type of art. Mommy and Me Day has passed and sanity is being regained.  However, I will be very excited for summer and this spring promises lots of excitement and plans ahead!

I've been creating a lot of illustrations lately, after getting a new set of prisma markers for Christmas, (You can find these under the tab- "Illustrations".) And recently did the "Writer's Series" paintings, which was a series of famous older male writers. Inspired by the friends in my life, who, being writers themselves, like to sit and talk of these men; I said, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! And started painting the writers they love so much. The series came out lovely and is for sale as a set of five, each an 8x10 canvas, for 500 dollars.  (Look the series up under the tab "Paintings".)

Other exciting news! My little sister is tying the knot and we'll be traveling to Louisiana for a week to celebrate.  When we come back, we are moving into a new house, and this new house has a second garage that is ideal for me and my artwork.  Finally, I can branch out fully, leave projects up and running, and start doing so new stuff I haven't had the capacity to do before. A very exciting summer indeed!

We are also getting to travel to Arizona for Matthew's brother's graduation and we'll be seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Look for some inspiration from that!

As always, comments, questions, general conversation appreciated. 

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